Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Link to Texas History

A common theme that I have noticed in Southerners is their link to the land. Maybe this is the true distinction that seperates us from the Yankees in the northern states. I have recently added a link to a blog called The K-Bar Chronicles which is run by a man named Steve Killam.
His ranch is in Angelina Co. Texas and is supplied with water from Hottel Creek (or Hangmans Creek if the rumors are true) and over the years has dwindled in size to just a small farm with cattle etc. Scott wants to preserve the history of the farm and the family members who created it. The K- Bar Ranch.
Right now he is delving into the day to day operation of the ranch with a few glances backward into his past growing up there.
He will be adding old pics, stories and histories of the ranch and area as time goes by. Lucky for us he will do some cow-blogging like Marian too!
Right now he is starting to get a wild hog problem and I might have to gather up Phillip and head that way to help eradicate the problem.
No, I have no idea if it is near Goldthwaite where Jon hangs out and no, I don't think he knows the beautiful Becky either, but I am sure they all live near each other. Texas can't be that big can it?


Steve Killam TMTL said...

Texas is not near as large as people think. Heck, Port Lavaca is practicaly next door,(170-180 miles) and even Goldthwaite can't be much more than 300 miles away.

Phillip said...

Let's roll, Rex!

Heck, I'm heading to TX in March anyway...