Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Lazy Man's Way

Fishing season is officially open as Dad and Ms. Henry caught a whole mess of crappie this weekend. How did they do it? The lazy man's way.
Pulling up to the lake they surveyed the boat and decided that they were just going to fish near the bank and a great idea occurred to my father.
Shifting into low gear he just drove his damn Bad Boy Buggy out into the lake deep enough so they could cast from it. They caught all kind of fish, cranked it up and drove home. That is either brilliant or totally lazy, you decide.
Guy K would love this kind of fishing.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Lazy or not, it seems they caught some crappie. I'd like to see pictures of the crappie. It might make me want to come down and umm stay at a hotel nearby.

Editor said...

there are plenty of hotels in Yazoo City, make a reservation.

MsCrit said...

Heck I think it's great! Shoot, show me a man with a Big Buggy and I'll.......oh wait, that's something else. Nevermind! Ya'll if your havin' fun, keep at it!

Steve Killam TMTL said...

It's a fine line between brilliance and insanity. You decide!