Monday, March 29, 2010

A Shaky Start

This weekend I had to be in Jackson on Sunday to meet the kids. They are staying with me for their Spring Break. I decided to go to camp on Saturday, meet Paul, get in a round of golf and meet the kids at noon on Sunday.
Paul and Dad hunted Saturday morning and did not get a turkey. After lunch I drove in, gathered up Paul and off to the golf course we headed.
Neither of us have picked up a club this year we figured it was going to get ugly. Paul put a bottle of Brandy in the cart and we made a bet that if you hit a Horrible shot you had to take a drink. Not a bad shot, a horrible shot. We really had a good time, hit a lot of good shots, played halfway decently and staggered off the last green in a great mood. We manged to hit a lot of horrible shots too, but for some reason it seemed quite OK.
No turkeys Sunday and now I have the kids for a week of Spring Break. I may need to stop at the liquor store and buy another bottle of Brandy.

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