Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pride Of A Father

This past year, Spencer killed a sack full of deer. What he did not get was a big buck. When he made it to camp, he hunted hard and never complained. He saw lots of bucks and some really nice ones, but he wanted to shoot a deer to mount. I kept my mouth shut and did everything I could to place him at the right spot to get his buck.
I know for a fact that he let a 10-point go, several 8's and I was with him when a nice buck walked right under us and he never lifted his rifle.
The buck wasn't big enough.
Growing up I could not imagine doing what he is doing. (the other boys are doing this too) As a kid, if a deer with horns came by, he was a dead duck.
It is amazing to me the way he thinks about hunting.
The world of hunting has changed and for the better.
Yesterday was Spencer's birthday. I swear I think he is 15.
He will get that buck next year but he is concentrating on getting a big gobbler right now. I am very proud of him.


Big Al said...

Your right, when I came along anything with bone over three inches showing was in our crosshairs. Slowly that attitude has changed and its certainly been for the better. I've never killed a mountable buck, though I've seen and even shot at a few. But they were few and far between when I came along. Now, with some of the buck programs sportsmen have in place, people let what would have been monsters to us walk right on by. There are even bigger dear just around the brushpile. That's not just a good thing, tha's a GREAT thing. Especially for these new young sportsmen.

Editor said...

it is simply amazing, thanks for reading

FHB said...

Awesome. Sounds like a good kid.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Spencer is a very caring and wonderful young man and I'm so glad to know him. I hope he had a very Happy Birthday. :)

MsCrit said...

Wow! What a teriffic story! Happy Birthday "S"uperman! Haha!