Thursday, December 30, 2010

Overtime Hunting

Over the weekend no one got a deer, but Spencer, Dad and I stayed down there for a couple of extra days. They were the most perfect days to hunt this year. At 8AM a big buck crossed in front of me. When he came out I pulled the trigger. Wrong Deer! A nice young 8-point. I felt really bad about it, and the deer didn't feel so good himself
That afternoon Spencer went to the Leevee and I went to the Elbow stand. We had not been there 30 minutes when a big buck started out across the cotton field. Boom! Spencer took this really nice 190lb. 9 point. He attributed his success to his new Gilley Suit. Jeez!


Marian Love Phillips said...

Our congrats to you and Spencer! Got meat on the table! :)

Phillip said...

Venison in the freezer is better than a set of horns growing in the swamp somewhere. The way I see it anyway, if you shoot a small, young one, somewhere a big one gets bigger!