Monday, December 20, 2010

Thunderhoof Confusion

Trent thinks he is a trophy hunter. There is trophy hunting and then there is Thunderhoof. I tried to explain to him that he better leave that damn deer alone or it would make him crazy. Too late. He found a great place to hunt where that evil deer had been hooking big pines and set up a stand in a thick area there. I shook my head and left him alone.
Trent knew he would only get one chance at the monster buck and Saturday morning he sat hunched in his blind watching deer pass in front of him. He saw several nice bucks but Thunderhoof was all he wanted. He got more and more excited with each deer he saw and knew it was just a matter of time. It got quiet and perfect for a big buck to show.
A crunch of a footstep came from directly behind him. He slowly peered over his shoulder. Horns! Oh Crap it's him! He turned and sent a bullet into the brush at the body of the deer, it fell and he jumped from his stand to stand over the fallen monarch of the forest. It was not him. Trent could not believe it. He was devastated to say the least. Here he is with the buck, a nice 8-point. He is still crushed today but hey I warned him.

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mailrider said...

I think the title should read"Paul's Land of Confusion". Ya"ll hangon- I'll be back at camp shortly.