Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sneaky Business

The Still season at the Christmas Place is reserved for members only and is usually the best time to hunt all year. Most of the time this is when the full rut is going on and the big bucks are moving and chasing does everywhere. It is also the time when the members try to get in a few extra days of hunting. That damn Trent has already gone and hunted this morning, Dad is gone and I am leaving tonight to get that extra day. Burney is leaving tonight also.
The Mailrider is shopping at the Mall.
It is warm and raining today but hopefully it will be clear and still in the morning so I can get that boat moving up the lake. Cross your fingers for me!


mailrider said...

Thursday evening-I am here in virginia- where the snow is deep but we are moving. Good luck anyway- see ya'll in january.
mailrider out

Marian Love Phillips said...

Fingers plus toes are crossed Rex! ;)
PS: mailrider, I will be in Virginia next Tuesday for a week and it looks like I may need to bring my hunting boots! :)

JDP said...

Good Luck Rex!