Wednesday, February 23, 2011

While I'm Ranting

Let me introduce you to Bear over at The Redneck Rant. He is blogging over in Pennsylvania of which I know little except that I did pass by Miss Jennys place once, wanted pancakes but Mailrider wouldn't stop and visited Gettysburg. That's a different story though.
Bear takes on everyone and loves hot music, the south, hunting and everything country you can imagine and is not a damn bit apologetic about any of it.
Looks like he is a pretty good hunter, and a good shot too.
Go over and visit him and tell him to keep blogging!


Bear said...

I appreciate the plug... thanks!

If you ever come around Gettysburg again, lemme know. It just a quick buzz up the road.

mailrider said...

good thing we didn't stop. they were out of pancakes but had plenty of sippin syrup. We would have never made it back to memphis.
With all due respect Bear, Gettyburg was disapointing. Too many momuments to yankees and not enough for the Rebs. Seems like they forgot that it take two to have a warrr. LOL

Bear said...

You'd be surprised how many Northers don't understand what the War Between the States was all about:) I stay away from the battlefield anyway... too many folks around, especially in the summer.

But if y'all ever feel up for a January or early February goose hunt, or do any cycle ridin', you know where to find me!