Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Stole The Damn Diggers?

Dad and Trent went to camp this weekend and those two deaf idiots had a rough time of it. Trent swears the turkeys were gobbling between them and Dad hasn't heard a turkey yet. Dad did see 7 turkeys and Trent got a 125lb. hog. A pretty good weekend.
While figuring out how to work in the garden that afternoon, Dad noticed the post-hole diggers were missing. Of course the blame has already spread to Burney, then to Paul and now to guess who, Rex and Mark. Yes, Mark, your thieving butt is right in the middle of this. So now all I can hear is where did you lose the post-hole diggers, yada-yada-yada. I know that evil brother of mine did it, no the other one from the coast. I am not buying new post-hole diggers.


Tim said...

You know ole sticky fingers aint gonna grab a shovel! That would mean work. This could be a real mystery.

mailrider said...

The last time I saw it, it was riding around with BURNEY out digging those ding dang hog holes.