Friday, October 14, 2011

Android Deer


I am finally moving into the year 2000 with technology. I just got a new Android phone from CSpire. This thing is amazing. You can take pictures, text, send email, surf the net, and you can even talk on it. Amazing!
The best thing is now I can do Apps. This damn thing has apps out the kazoo. Hating on Paul- got an app, puting up with Dad and the rest of those deaf idiots- got an app, putting Scrooge in his place- got an app. GPS maps, hunting tips, wind direction, where to go hunt- got an app. It has lots and lots of deer hunting apps which should insure that I will kill a big old buck every year! The very best thing is that now there is no excuse for me not getting a picture of that damn Thunderhoof. I think they even have an app for that


Bear said...

I used to hate takin' my phone into the woods with me when it was just a phone. But the ability to have all sorts of maps, weather info and a camera (video and still) at my fingertips among other goodies has pretty much made it a standard pocket-rider when I'm huntin'. Enjoy the new toy!

p.s. Startin' to see rubs and a few scrapes here in PA... Screw the holidays, this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Anonymous said...

Using a smartphone for hunting. Now I've heard everything. Wish I had a smartphone while hunting at . I bet it would be handy.

Kevin @ Deer Taxidermy said...

Seems like you are enjoying your new phone along with the apps. I use my Galaxy phone when I go deer hunting as well. There are so many apps that I'm not sure where to start.

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