Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pauls Free Lessons in Futility

This past weekend we had several guest at camp. They were pleasant, fun to be around and greatly enjoyed the property. Paul brought them up to hog hunt and shoot does with their bows. (HA-HA) They did not understand Pauls' strategies for making sure a guest doesn't kill a deer.
Phillip Anderson was sent to hunt the Sneaky Stand. He made himself a little blind at the base and got ready to pop a deer. It didn't take long before he heard one walking toward the open field. He saw her head and slowly raised his bow. She stepped to the edge and he drew his bow back. Now according to Phillip, at that exact time, a mosquito as large as a humming bird landed right on top of his nose and decided to drill for oil.
The pain was tremendous, the doe stepped into the wide open, the giant mosquito found a deep vein and hit a gusher, Phillip screamed from pain and the arrow shot from his bow doing no damage to anything except making the deer walk off shaking its head at the fool hunter. The mosquito escaped, Phillip held his throbbing probiscus and the hunt was over.
I don't know how Paul manages to arrange something like this everytime but trust me, your chance of getting a deer here are between slim and none.

Paul, Phillip, Trey, Joey

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