Thursday, October 20, 2011


It is time for the 99% of members to occupy the famous Christmas Place! We are tired of the rich members shooting all the big deer, getting the best stands, and drinking the best whiskey. It is time to unite against this sacrilege and take over the Christmas Place until we kill a giant deer too!
Bring your long johns, a sleeping bag, your hippie beads and bongs and head down to the Delta to make these evil plantation owners do the right thing and give us all their stuff. (I could use Paul's new truck and his gold credit card) Unite! Women show your breast! Free Booze! We will make hunting great again after we get rid of those selfish, uncaring, criminal rich hunters! Hang them All! Give peace a chance!


Phillip said...

This is sounding like a worthwhile cause. I may have to march!


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