Monday, February 27, 2012

Hog Camp 2012 Results

Everyone made it safely into camp on Friday but things started spiraling downhill after John (yankee) had a big hog in his sights that afternoon and pulled the trigger. Click! click-click-click! The hog wandered off.
We had three Yankees Ron, John and Joe there. Kyle Jones, Dean Lammey, Robert and Tony from Luxahoma, Brian Henry showed up, Burney, Myself and Dad. A perfect size camp and almost everyone at least had a chance at a hog during the weekend.
Saturday morning Brian got this big 170lb. Red Runner.
Hog Camp 2012
Our three Yankees fromm Minnesota had a great time and Joe blasted one that got away even though we looked for it half of Saturday night.

Camo dreams of pork chops so she and I got in the last picture.


Marian Love Phillips said...

My congrats to Brian...that's a nice size hog! I hope that was not the LAST ONE! :)

spike said...

Great hog, looks like you have some good bacon coming your way. I have shot hogs before, and they seem tastier than store bought bacon. I hunt for deer. I like bacon, hope to shoot another hog soon.

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