Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tusks Of A Dilemma

Over at the Hog Blog, Phillip held the package in his hands wondering if he should open it. The return address was simply Thunderhoof, somewhere in Mississippi. He knew it was from the strange and mysterious region known as the Christmas Place in the fog-shrouded edge of the Mississippi Delta. Thoughts ran through his head on what it could be. He thought of the blood-curdling tales he had heard and wondered could it be a shrunken head, a strange talisman of evil (like Pauls deodorant) or maybe something wondrous like a carved good luck charm from Thunderhoofs antler.
He studied the brown package, sighed and opened it.
Stay tuned.........


Phillip said...

And the mystery continues...

Phillip said...

Boy howdy! Our postal service is on the ball. Ever since they retired those ponies and started riding giant snails, the mail seems to flow like... well... molasses in January.

Yes. Last week in between travel, I found a box on my porch. I shook it gently, and then harder. Since nothing blew up and I didn't feel a sudden onset of anthrax, I went ahead and cut the tape.

Success! There were no hidden trip wires in the tape, and still, nothing blew up.

And then I pulled it out! The 2012 Hog Death memorial t-shirt!

It's awesome, Rex! Thanks!

Keep an eye out for snail tracks around your mailbox.