Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hog Report

The 2012 Christmas Place Hog Camp will be the weekend of February 25 and reports are beginning to come in on the hog situation for the area.
Latest reports say that the hogs are running amok. The small town of Thornton has been over-run and abandoned. Local villagers are afraid to leave their homes and hundreds have been killed by angry, rampant hordes of hogs. The Christmas Place farmers have had to leave their tractors in the fields and flee for their lives and no cars have been able to enter the area without being overturned or losing all their tires to the sharp tusks of the crazed beasts. It is a damn Catastrophe!
Help is on the way.


Anonymous said...

Been back for a while...forgot to let you know. Tired...if you need me call me. D

Phillip said...

Awww... now you're just rubbing it in!

whitetail hunts said...

I am ready with my hunting accessories. Just show me the hogs.