Monday, February 20, 2012

Hog Update

The wild hogs around the famous Christmas Place are moving in packs, mobs, swarms? of several hundred attacking anything that moves. They are worse than the Zombies! The National Guard has sealed off all roads into the area to protect the human population. Ravaged homes have been ransacked as the blood-crazed animals search for more victims. A mass exodus of all game animals from chipmunks, to birds, to deer have been spotted. The Mississippi delta is in need of someone to lift this horrible menace to life and limb! Do not worry, The Christmas Place Hog Eradication Unit is parachuting in on Friday.


mailrider said...

where is thunderhoof when we need him? he needs to put down the phone and go whip some hogs!!

KeesKennis said...

Another mass killing I presume, Have FUN

JCunningham said...

Sweet! Kick some @ss! Oorah! Hey for all you hunters: check out some prime hunting spots: NY Hunting Land for Sale from Land And Camps