Monday, December 23, 2013

Such A Giving Family

It's Christmas and deer season has been a living hell for me this year. I can't kill a deer much less see one at the famous invisible deer farm known as the Christmas Place.
Don't worry, my caring and giving family is taking care of me.
the phone rings...... it's my evil brother Paul........
"Too bad you can't get a big old buck, but I am going to do you a favor and come up there and shoot a monster buck for you for Christmas!" I slammed the phone down. Never trust a lawyer that wants to do you a favor.
the phone rings................. my cousin Burney...
"Hey Rex, since you are not ever going to kill another deer, do you mind if I bring my Great Aunt
Gerty down to shoot one of your deer? You can have the horns for Christmas, she doesn't eat those.
Merry Christmas!" He hung up before I could tell him what I thought of him and his damn Aunt Gerty.
Dad wanders through the office.....
"Hey, since you can't kill a deer, would you mind going duck hunting with me to retrieve the ducks I shoot? I'll give you one for Christmas." I choked back my reply to what he could do with his ducks.
Finally, Trent ( my other evil brother) came by and said "Don't look so down. It's tough knowing that you are never going to get a deer but I have a wonderful Christmas present for you. Open it!"
I pulled away the wrapping. It was a picture of him with his giant 10 pt. He said "You can hang it on the wall behind your desk, would look great there! Every thing went black and I think I passed out, but he was gone when I recovered.
All I want for Christmas is a big old Buck!


Matt said...

Keep after it; you'll get one. Merry Christmas!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Hang in there Rex...He's at the famous Christmas Place with your name on it. GOODHUNTING and hope you get your wish granted soon! :)