Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Gloves Of Sorrow

Paul had seen the signs. Oh, yes he had seen the signs of the giant buck haunting the Spike Camp Field and on that fateful Thanksgiving afternoon, he made his way to his stand and sat back to await the arrival of the monster buck.
It was bitterly cold and Paul dressed in everything warm he had and he was camouflaged from head to toe in his very sharp and expensive hunting clothes. He even wore gloves, but these were old and frayed and little did he know that this one flaw in his outfit would cause so much sorrow.
A little after 4 PM he heard the buck coming and to his surprise the deer did not ease into the field but bounded down the road and ran right out in front of him and stopped at 30 yards. Perfect.
Paul says the deer was huge, the biggest buck he has ever seen at the famous Christmas Place. It had a rack at least 22 inches wide with 10 points shining like lanterns in the afternoon sunlight. Perfect.
Paul eased the rifle down, gently flicked his safety forward to fire and settled the crosshairs over the monster's heart and picked his spot. The big deer turned it's head and licked it's side and left a wet spot in the exact location he was aiming. Perfect. The last thing he remembers thinking was "Don't Screw This Up"
Paul pulled the trigger....... nothing happened, he resettled the crosshairs, the big buck was posing RIGHT THERE! He pulled the trigger..... he pulled it again. The deer took a chomp of grass. Paul pulled the trigger some more... Nothing.
Panicked he eased the gun down and looked at his safety. It was forward but a small wad of thread from his raggedy gloves was caught in the mechanism. The big buck was RIGHT THERE!
He pulled the glove loose, the gun went off! Paul froze in shocked disbelief! Startled, the giant buck made for the hills and Paul sat there completely stunned as the day faded away into darkness. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

See....this is why I drink. Crap like this! Tell Paul that drinking may not be the answer, but it sure as hell wasn't the problem.

Phillip said...

I believe Paul has taken a page out of my book. Tell him to put it back now, or face a future full of sorrow and disgrace.