Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend At Burneys

I am on my way to the camp when I receive a text "Jus shot a big 8-point". Damn! Don't these people have jobs? When I get there the nice buck is on the pole and it just gets worse as the weekend progresses.

I am hunting like a crazy man now. Every member that has been hunting has got their buck but me. I'm scoping, I'm looking, I'm scanning, I'm listening, then BLAM! Burney kills a monster buck at Number #1 Field! Arrghhh! It was a super duper buck! Holy Mackeral! It has turned into Burneys Private Shooting Preserve! To say he was in a good mood is an understatement. I can't take much more.
You know the old saying. Winners laugh and tell jokes, Losers say shut up and deal.

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