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Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow Deer

Glacier, MS> Good News! The radar reports that it is snowing in Houston, Tx. If you draw a straight line from Houston to the Christmas Place, calculate the miles then divide by the date of Othmars birthday it equals 12 point buck. Simple.
or you can use this formula.
H= MB(2)
where horns are equal to twice the speed of my bullet x Machine Gun Marians speed of light blasting at the box field. then plug in and multiply by how many hogs Phillip blasted last week (172) then divide by the square root of how many ducks Holly shot last week (63) add the amount of points of my buck (9) and you come out with a snow covered 12 point buck. Very Simple. Got to go pack my longjohns.
I have never had a chance to hunt at the Chistmas Place in the snow and hope that this is finally the year to really see the beauty of a deep snow on the land.


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