Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Niki Knows Deerses

Our new friends Dude and Niki Henry came over the other night to the camp and had dinner with us. They brought their really nice children, Brooklyn and Brinkley, and they fit in great with all the other kids. It was a really fun time and of course the two deer pictured below were brought in too.
During the course of this Niki mentioned that she got a deer this year too. Plus she had a picture. We glanced thinking it was just another little old deer. Holy Mackeral! It was a giant mule! She took this bruiser over on the Mississippi River. Found out she is a big deer hunter on top of being very pretty. Sorry boys, unfortunately she is taken.


tony said...

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BobG said...

Nice mulie. Should furnish a good amount of venison.

Anonymous said...

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