Monday, December 14, 2009

An Unbelievable Weekend

Hornsamighty, MS> It was an OMG weekend at the famous Christmas Place. On the way to camp I got a call from Burney. All I could understand was "72 acres" and "13 point." I sped up to light speed and when I reached the camp, Burney had this magnificent 13 point hanging on the pole. What a way to start the weekend!
This impressive buck only weighed 175 lbs. but what a set of beautiful antlers.
The width was 16 inches and it will be an extraordinary mount.
Needless to say, this put all the hunters in the woods the next morning even as the rain started to pour down.

Hold your horses, we are not done yet!
No deer that morning but the rain fell off to light splatters and shifting winds for the afternoon hunt. No one was dawdling around as they headed out to hunt again. Late that afternoon, at the Leevee stand this ungodly horse of a deer wandered out in front of Michael and with one shot he laid the giant deer on the ground.
When they brought that thing in, it did look like a horse across the back of that 4-wheeler. We grabbed it and tried to get it on the hanging pole. The rope broke! We retied and lifted, he was so big we could not get his head off the ground! We lowered him, reattached the gambrel and lifted. He bent the damn gambrel!
Finally we got him up and weighed him. This big 10 point weighed an unbelievable 275 lbs. Yes, the scales are correct. It was the biggest damn buck I have ever seen. It hung on the pole like a giant land shark.

Here is a pic of the two lucky idiots together.


JDP said...

Congratulations on two trophy whitetail bucks!


Eric J. Burton said...

Those are really nice bucks. Good to see someone was sucessful this season. Looks kind of cold based on the clothing yall have on? Must have been in the 30's?

Anonymous said...

Ever notice he always has the same shirt on? hmmmm.....maybe Santa will bring him a new one. haha! Just pickin'! Still lovein' the stories. Keepem' comin'!

Marian Ann Love said...

That's so amazing!!! Both bucks are trophies big time! Nice picures...our congrats to Burney and Michael! :)

GUYK said...

great hunt!

Matt said...

Quite a weekend indeed!

Phillip said...

Dang! 275 lbs.?!? That's a monster, especially for MS! Didn't know ya'll grew them that big down there!

Sweet rack on Burney's deer too.

Congrats to the hunters!

Anonymous said...

Michael looks so happy and Burney's face is pure unadulaterated bliss! Love this photo! Denise

Andy said...

Wow, that was one heavy buck! I sure hope you had a 4-wheeler to drag that thing out.