Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping For Deerses

Holly Jolly, MS> It is the last weekend of the primitive weapons season and we are headed back to camp this weekend. I am not planning on hunting; I am waiting on the Still Season to start. Denise and I are going to drive on in to Jackson and do all our Christmas shopping on Saturday. I hear Bass Pro calling my name.
The usual losers are going to be at camp hunting. Hell yes, Paul will be there.
Will give a report on my great shopping ability later.
Meanwhile here is a pic making the rounds. It surely depicts a Water Valley Christmas.

5 comments: said...

Pretty cool!

Othmar Vohringer said...

That's the coolest Santa sledge I've ever seen.


CDGardens said...

That is a neat sled... I want to hear about all the great stuff you found at the Bass Pro Shop. ;)

Marian Ann Love said...

I need some new gloves Santa Rex! :)

Anonymous said...

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