Thursday, December 17, 2009

Antler Bowl Weekend

Bloody Horns, MS> This weekend once again marks the famous rivalry clash between the Bighorn Bucks of Christmas Deer University and the Marauders of the Christmas Place Military Academy. This wild game occurs every year during the Still Hunting season.
The Marauders feel they are on top of the world as they have taken four starters out of the game for the Bucks, before the game even starts. Coach Thunderhoof is rallying his players for a do-or-die revenge game that could get bloody. The Bucks are putting three new razorback 400 lb. linebackers in the game to stop the Marauders. The Bucks are serious about winning this year.
For the Marauders, Rex and Paul are at the halfbacks this year while Trent is the deep threat. (We hope he will go long and not come back)
Kickoff is slated for Friday morning at daylight.

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CDGardens said...

Let's go TEAMS! ;)