Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Need A Little Hunting

Every SOB in Mississippi and Tennessee has called me this week wanting to know how it felt. Kids laugh at me, dogs growl at me, and women shun me. "How did that feel to see those giant bucks on the pole?" "How did that feel for your cousin and your nephew to steal the glory with those giant bucks?" Damn, I swear I have already killed a giant buck but now feel like I have done nothing.
Paul is moping around wondering what Michael and Burney were doing on his stands and I swear, Trent has taken to his bed. We need a little Christmas, need a little hunting........
Haul out The Deer Lure
Climb up the tree
Before my spirit Falls again
Load up The rifle
I may be Rushing things
But Heck with the deer
Again now

For we need A little Christmas
Right This very minute
Hunting In the winter
Stories At the campfire
Yes We need A little Christmas
Right This very minute
It hasn't snowed
bucks aren’t a bit worried
But santa, dear
We're in a hurry

So climb up the oak tree
Shoot at The biggest
rack of horns I've ever seen
Slice up The venison
It's time We hung
Some big deer
On that hanging pole

For i've grown A little leaner
Grown A little colder
Grown A little sadder
Grown A little older
And i need A giant buck
hanging by the campfire
Need a little Christmas now

For we need A little hunting
Need A little laughter
Need A little blasting
Ringing through The forest
And we need A giant buck for a
"happy ever after"
Need a little Christmas now....


Anonymous said...

You made laugh and feel so happy today when we listened to this song. XO,D

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Carter said...

Wow lovely song. I haven't thought that any one would write a song on hunting. I like this song so much. South carolina hunting