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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving At The Christmas Place

Plymouth Rock, MS> It was crowded with over 30 people there. My brother James showed up with his whole crew.
Denise came down with her children Sadie, Alexis and Josh.
Thank goodness everyone got to see my deer!
There was enough food to feed that army and probably a couple more.
A special thanks to Wanda for putting the meal together and the hard work involved. Here is a pic of Wanda and Ms. Dorothy putting the finishing touches on the food.
Yes, we even had TURDUCKEN. (look it up)
We ate, we drank, we visited. We ate some more and then some more. It was a real feast.
The girls, Haley, Alexis, Sadie and Hillary

Erin, Michael and Austin
I tried to convince all the guys that the rut was over and they were wasting their time going hunting anymore. They should stay at camp and visit with their cousins and the women-folk. They would not listen. No deer for the next few days, then Sunday morning Paul got this nice 210 lb. 8-point. Damn! Congratulations Paul.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Marian Love Phillips said...

What a wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving with your family! Let Paul know that we send our congrats on his nice buck! :)

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wonderful Thanksgiving. the best
I have had in a long time. Everything was perfect and our family was so much fun this day.Also, Haley, Alexis, Sadie and Hillary are all so beautiful....Denise


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