Monday, June 19, 2006


Blazing Sun, MS> When I arrived at camp Saturday morning the temperature was already hovering at around 115 degrees, naturally Hershel "SweatProof" Howell was chomping at the bit to get to work. After fixing the tractor and hooking everything up, we are off! Hershel starts to disc up the dry pond bottom to plant milo and millet. My job is to pick up every old log (without getting snake bit) and get them out of the way. Between picking up logs, screaming at kids to help and making sure Camo did not drag the sticks back in the way, I thought I would melt. Mark and his kids arrive just as we finish this task, then I get the other tractor, plant the area and head to get a cool drink. Denise relaxed in the shade while Mark and John talked about working.

Drew and his girlfriend Ashley find something else to do, so does Sarah.

Erin and Spencer played and kept a lookout for Thunderhoof in the garden.

Twenty minutes later I get some work out of Mark and his kids by making them start putting together a tripod stand we hope to put out later. Dad can't stand us doing work he doesn't think of first. He has an inspiration! Off to work on the African Queen! The pontoon is parked in the garage. The temp is about 140 degrees in there. Perfect!
An hour and a half later, a new motor has been installed and everyone is about dead.
Back to camp for another cold drink. Then put the tripod and tractors away, close barn and back to the camp just as a monsoon blows in, cools everything off and the rain pours down.
A perfect finish to the day. Dinner later is fresh catfish. We head home about 9 o'clock exhausted. A good days work.

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Ashley Bates said...

that weekend was soo fun! you-know-who better get hsi midn all figured out.l0l. i hope i get to come back up there sooonn!!! i love it up there! even though yall do put me to work.. i knwo i gotta earn my keep though so i dont mind! hahah.