Friday, June 16, 2006

What's Going On!

Catchup,MS> This post is for you to catch up on the crazy people at the Christmas Place Hunting Club. This also includes updates on former post.
1. Mom has escaped from hospital and is doing well
2. Rebels lost to Miami and will not visit Omaha
3. Water Valley lost state championship
4. My golf game still sucks, (small improvement)
5. Paul is not prejudiced (he hates all poor people)
6. Thunderhoof family reunion was major success, he is spending the rest of the summer eating corn.
7. Have you heard? They are making a movie about Joe Black!
8. James and his family have not been eaten by bears in Alaska (yet)
9. Hershel has found a few more projects for us at the camp
10. Camo has learned to sit and shake hands. Still failing duck.
11. Aunt Marilyn came by, she is doing great and planning a big party on july 4
12. Haley is in California, hobnobbing with the surfer dudes
13. Trents' golf still sucks too
14. Jones is remodeling a house and is unavailable for me to make fun of.
15. The pontoon boat is still in the garage.
16. Mark Stewarts' deer head is MIA (too bad)
17.The corn is now 13' tall (yikes)
18. July 4th is coming up and another family golf blood bath is coming
19. Spencer is still a hero, but had a tooth knocked out by a ball.
20. Sarah is doing fine even though she thinks she is 25 and not 12
21. Erin is getting brown from the sun and can still talk a coon off a limb.
22. Denise is working at the gym everyday and looking hotter and hotter.
I'm a little worried.
23. Bobby is still sleeping on the front desk (guess he needs a raise)
24. Burney has disappeared off the radar and is keeping a low profile.
25. Paul says these women are getting meaner everyday. Burney agrees with him.
26. Dad still loves the tractor and working hard at the camp every weekend.
Come visit, he will find a little job for you to do.

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