Friday, June 02, 2006

Joe Gump Black (The Real Easy Rider)

Harley, MS> When Joe Black returned from Vietnam, he was disillusioned. After single handedly capturing Tojo, Ho Chi Minh, Goldfinger, saving the rain forest, capturing Cambodia and France, thrawting Picketts' charge and then being the last man on the last helicopter out, he wanted to do something different. All the secret awards from General Eisenhower and Sherman meant nothing. Even though they made a movie about his combat exploits. He headed home and decided to buy a motorcycle and see the world. He traveled the U.S.A. and in a short time they made a movie about this famous lone rider called The Wild One. He bought into the lucrative mink and earthworm farms and made a few million but the Army kept callin him back on secret missions. Tiring of this and interested in girls and the hippy life in California, he headed west. They quickly made a movie about his drug induced life called Easy Rider. Later, he was recruited by British Intelligence as Agent 003 1/2 and movies were made about his dashing secret life. After defeating all the evil villains throughout the world he moved to the small town of Water Valley and opened a C.P.A. practice. Making millions and fighting KAOS on the side was not enough, so he turned to golf. Quickly reaching professional level in a couple of weeks, they made a movie about his golfing life. Golf was too easy, even though he stills plays a little. He spends most of his time puttering around his elaborate mansion outside town writing his memoirs., doing Calculus in his head and studying Philosophy, Science and Useless Facts. Luckily, they made a movie about his interesting life.

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