Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Hell With Deer

Fatbird, MS> Hershel Howell, noted ruthless land baron and head of the Christmas Place Evildoers Club, has been busy around the camphouse the last few weeks. His newest desire is to have a large dove hunt in the backyard of the camphouse. He has had his slaves discing, and planting in the 100 degree heat. He is planting Millet, Milo and Sunflowers. Members griped because we always overseed the back area with rye grass to watch deer in the winter. But, Hell No! not this year. My dad dreams of fat turkeys, quail and doves. Hershel said "Hell with the deer, we have too many anyway"Shocked members think he is getting quite senile. Meanwhile, pour the fertilizer to it and full speed ahead! Many members think that deer are the number one priority and anything else is a waste of money. They also think that missing Thunderhoof at 40 yards last year may have done permanent damage to Hershels brain.
On the good side, the corn is 8-12 feet high, yes really! and the deer are getting too fat to waddle out of the corn fields.
Can't wait for deer season!

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