Monday, July 17, 2006

The 2 Great Deer Camp Axioms

Squashed Flat, MS> At the famous Christmas Place Deer Ranch and Obstacle Course, the members live by two simple rules. #1 Never show up for a work weekend. #2 Never let Hershel Howell near a bulldozer. Unfortunately, rule number two was broken this weekend, as a very small amount of clearing was needed at the camp. The object was to move a small tree off the side of a field near the camp, run a couple of trails out and fix the road near the lake so we could get the pontoon boat in the water. The bulldozer arrived and Hershels eyes kind of glazed over.
He sprang into action! He vaulted onto his four wheeler and lead the charge to the tree in the field. Sizing up the situation, he decided to clear about 40 acres around the area. He shouted and waved directions while standing on the four wheeler. His dog even barked directions. The engine roared as the terrified bulldozer driver cut a swath through the woods. Trees fell, squirrels flew, armadillos headed for new areas as the bulldozer crushed and twisted everything in it's path. Hours went by with Hershel only leaving to get his dog a drink of water as everything beside and behind the witchs' house was demolished and removed to a huge gulley.
Hershel was in his element, the bulldozer driver could not stop or slow down with out Trigger trying to rip his leg off. Hershel beamed! The temperature soared above 100, perfect weather!
When I left at 3 o'clock the tree was still in the field, no roads had been cleared and the road to the lake was still a washed out rut. The 40 acres was flat and clean as a whistle. Hershel was eyeing the next 40 as I gunned my old truck for Water Valley.

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