Monday, July 31, 2006

Ashleys' Wedding

Oxpatch, MS> Saturday, Denise and I were invited to Ashley Warrens' wedding at the Oxford- University Methodist Church. Denise's daughter Sadie was here, so we loaded everyone up and headed to the 5 o'clock service. Usually I am not a man that would have any interest in going to a wedding, but her father Terry Warren was my running buddy in high school and I do think a lot of her. Besides, there was a good chance a knife fight would break out and I wouldn't want to miss that. The wedding was beautiful, she was beautiful and it went off without a hitch. Damn!
We wandered over to the City Grocery for a drink and ran into Richard Gurner. A former Water Vallian and deerhunter. We talked over some old times and I do want to invite him to come bowhunting in the fall.
Several beers later, it was time to go to the big party! An open bar throwdown at Long Shot Bar just off the square. Hot, crowded, wild, a live band. We were at the right place. Swivel hips Barry Weeks and his wife Charmie were there. I'm dancing with Denise and there is Snooky and Mary Lou dancing beside me! I also danced for the first time with Mrs. Kim Jones who was shaking a leg and even with Sadie. Liquor flowed and we were having a great time. We ended up leaving before the fight which I heard was great and ate at Ajax on the square and then headed home. A fun time for sure!

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Anonymous said...

i rather be chunking sticks in the fields ahead of daddy on his tractor in 105 degree heat than go to a wedding. ^&*(^%$