Monday, July 24, 2006

Once Again I am Right!

Hellfighter, MS> Hershel Howell did not send the bulldozer home. The terrified bulldozer driver gunned the engine and plunged into the underbrush. Hershel Howell believes in working a man till he is dead. The bulldozer roared through the woods as Hershel shouted and pointed things for him to do. Hershel can find more things to do than you can imagine, even if you had a gun to your head! Sweat rolled from the operator as the temperature soared. Damn that! FULL SPEED AHEAD! The temperature reached 105 as Hershel stood on his four wheeler, like a captain of a mighty battleship surveying his forces and ordering his ships into the thick of the fray. He pitched a peanutbutter, pickle and pimento cheese sandwich and a cream soda into the cab and pointed at new gound to be cleared. The white eyed bulldozer driver gulped the sandwich down and tore down through the woods. Hours later, the bulldozer finally gave it's all. The oil cap shot 50 feet in the air, fire and smoke shot out of the motor and black smoke covered everything. The bulldozer driver jumped down and ran for it. He escaped from Hershel through the billowing smoke and has not been seen since. The bulldozer crawled to a stop in the clearing as fire swept over it. Hershel stood there amazed and silent. Gritting his teeth and mumbling under his breath he headed back to camp.

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