Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Black Knight

Camelot, MS> After dragging stands around all day Saturday at the Christmas Place Prison, we relaxed in the cool of the evening around the picnic table behind the camp. Sipping ice cold beer and watching the last of the sun sink below the treeline, we were too tired to move and just sat there drinking and talking about the upcoming season. Mark Stewart mentioned the deer that had been seen but never shot at, a giant black deer named the Black Knight. Mark had seen it at about 300 yards whipping a large 8-point with ease. Then chasing the buck away from the does it wanted. The 200 lb. 8-point came slipping by Mark, bleeding and gasping but the Black Knight had disappeared back into the brush. Burney saw him later off the same stand, and watched it whip a big 10-point and another 8-point while chasing does. It laid down about 500 yards away and spent the afternoon chasing bucks away and relaxing. Burney says it was the biggest deer he had ever seen. Mark said it was so large that it made the other bucks look like fawns. They also agreed that he was jet black with giant white horns. A toast was made to this monster deer and a plan was put into motion to bring him to justice at the end of a rifle.
We will see.

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