Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Dogs of The Dogwoods

Grenada, MS> The new golf course (the Dogwoods) at Grenada Lake and Hugh white State Park recently opened. This 18 hole design against the lake has been the talk of all the golfers
in the area and everyone is looking forward to play there. There are a few people who have already played there that may never want to play it again after the whipping they received last weekend. Trent Bogey Howell and Barry Whiff Weeks scheduled a scramble match against the team of Joe Flutterputt Black and Greg BrokeShaft Jones. A warning was issued to all players on the course and the two teams teed off. According to Mr. Black, it may have been the worst drubbing in history. A great eagle on the last hole just rubbed salt in the wounds of the hopeless moral midgets.They beat Trent and Barry like dogs, took all their money and then talked ugly about them. They raved about how great the course is while we have yet to receive any interviews with the losers. If you get a chance go play this course and leave us a review.

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