Friday, December 07, 2007

Abbeville News

Bucket Stand, MS> I just received some photos from my cousin Davin Lammey. Their camp is really having a great year. Everyone except Jimmy is blasting deer right and left.

Davin and Jimmys' kids are having a great time at their camp located above the Upper Sardis Reservoir. They are backed up to the Refuge there and deer are everywhere.


SimplyOutdoors said...

Good for kids. Definitely looks like something to be happy about!

Marian said...

Great shots of the kids. Congrats to your cousin's family. They are in a great location. :)

Phillip said...

Hey, now that's cool! Congrats to the young folks!

Of course, all they're doing now is rubbing it in, Rex. Go get one! At least shoot one of those stinky hogs.

Pat Munday said...

Thanks for sharing the news. I'm always happiest when my daughter or "Little Brother" kill their deer.

See my Montana Mule Deer 2007 story at .

Good hunting. Pat Munday aka EcoRover

PS: I'd like to post your blog link and vice-versa.