Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Antler Bowl Results

Deer Death Valley, MS> The Antler Bowl started with a blast as Rex Howell ran the opening kickoff back 100 yards for a touchdown as the Marauders struck first. This was followed by Mark Stewart taking a doe Saturday morning and put their team up 10-0The bucks soon returned the favor as Paul let a big one slip up the middle for a score at the Hole and Burney let a 7 pt. walk. Score 10-10 at halftime.
Saturday afternoon Rex spotted a big one that ran around the end and through the cotton fields for a score while Paul let a nice one slip past him in a pouring rain.
Later Burney (our safety) let another one run over him and then missed a big one with his 45.70. Late in the 4th quarter the score was 10-31 Bucks. Burney did get a doe at the end of the game making the final score 13-31 Bucks. Another pitiful showing by the Marauders with the only bright spot being the magnificent deer that Rex scored the opening kickoff with.
PS Paul did manage to shoot one of the porker referees.

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Matt said...

Better luck next year. But once again, congrats on your great buck!