Friday, December 21, 2007

Tusky Christmas

My cousin, Davin Lammey, sent this photo and advised me to send the story to some famous blogger that runs a paper called the Porcine Press. Here are the facts.
The 308 lb. porkzilla was shot by Davins's son Dean above Abbeville, MS on the rear of their property. This is not the kind of animal you want to see in your flashlight beam as you walk to your stand before day.
The picture shows Dean on the left and in case you can't tell, Davin is the one on the right wearing Orange. (the one with the biggest teeth is the hog)

The Lammeys wish everyone at the Deer Camp Blog a very Merry, Hog Blasting, Deer Slaying Christmas and a happy 2008.


Phillip said...

Nice boar!

It looks like real fine shot placement too!

Might just have to contact the Porcine Press publishers about a news flash!

SimplyOutdoors said...

Nice pig. I'm going to hunt them one day!

Callie said...

Happy Holidays to you All.