Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm A Green Locavore

Hunters need to push a new public image based on deeper traditions: we are stewards of the land, hunting on ground that we know and love, collecting indigenous, environmentally sustainable food for ourselves and our families.

Wow! I'm finally politically correct and enviromentally friendly too!


GUYK said...

I have contended for years that we who hunt and fish are for the most part much better environmentalists than the enviro-nuts who would rather keep a tree alive than a human.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Amen, Rex! And I can't tell you how many people are surprised when I tell them there wouldn't be much wildlife without hunters. They really don't know.

This green locavore thing is a really important notion: When I talk to non-hunters in terms of eating food that's healthy and lived a normal life before making it to my dinner table, they start looking at hunting in a different light.

Question is, can hunters seize the day and take advantage of this opportunity to win over more of the non-hunting community?

adam brown said...

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Hammer said...

I'm glad this school of thought is making a comeback. I was recently reading an old magazine from 1945 that said exactly the same thing.

Merry Christmas!

Matt said...

I too read this article and was very impressed. Good work for publicizing it!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Short and to the point. Best of all we have the facts and figures to prove that hunters have done, and still do, more for wildlife and habitat conservation than anybody else. We know that fact and the antis know that fact too. The only ones that do not know are the average people on the street. It is up to us to tell them the truth because no one else will.