Sunday, February 01, 2009


I know that most of you that read this are already listed better than this in the Technorati Ratings but I am somewhat proud of the accomplishment and am now ranked 96,009.
I have finally moved into the top 100,000 blogs on Technorati. If you read this and are not a Technorati member, please go over and sign up to be ranked, check your links and blog reactions, and to Ping them to update everyday.
Being a member here is also a way we locate you for the Outdoor Blogger Summit membership when you add the OBS badge. It is one of the few sites on the net that I use everyday.
PS> Maybe one day I can be as famous as GuyK at Charming, Just Charming!


Live to Hunt.... said...

Congrats! I am still dwelling in the range of 274,000 (sigh). All well, one day I hope to bump it up as well.

Editor said...

will do everything i can to help

Marian Love Phillips said...

Way to go Rex! :)

CDGardens said...

That is fantastic! You're moving in the right direction.

Rod McBellanic said...

To dare to dream. Got a late start, but hopefully will make it into the blogosphere ranks. Congrats.