Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sneaky Mexican Deer

Yes, we all know how sneaky deer can be, but the deer on the Mexican border may be the sneakiest of all. Our only border guard is Jamie and she is doing her best to keep the deer herd there under control.
Jamie runs a blog called Borderland Adventures: Her Perspective, and she is watching what is going on there as close as she can. The deer follow trails back and forth across the border which other animals use to illegally enter the US too. Jaguars, wild hogs, etc. Something must be done!
The big old deer hide in the sagebrush, drop antlers everywhere, and eat up her flowerbed when she is not looking. Looks like a war is going to break out there against these sneaky varmints and bushwackers are needed. Go over and keep an eye out, we may need to send reinforcements.


crosland said...

That is soooo funny! If you catch any large bucks eating the flowers, tie them up for me until August!

Pistolmom said...

Check out: