Saturday, February 14, 2009

Como Commotion

Como, MS> It had been a very long day, yes another red letter day for the Baileys, and I was ready to get out of town, have a drink and relax with my friends. Denise and I picked Greg and Kim Jones and headed to Como to meet Mark and Kim Stewart. The Como Steak House was relaxed, friendly and fun. I felt the tension slipping away as we caught up on everything under the sun.
The ladies laughed and talked (mostly about us) while we discussed the really important things in life. Ole Miss football and recruiting, Deer Hunting and now Hog Hunting. Looks like a great year coming up for all three!
I suggested that Mark take Greg under his wing and show him the finer points of hog hunting, like actually how to kill one. Mr. Jones replied with a dirty word. Hey, I am trying to help him! His hunting skills stand for themselves.
Denise, Kim J and Kim Stewart all were decked out and gorgeous and as we talked and drank it felt like family and good times. Then the steaks came and they were gigantic and very, very good. Dessert was the super cheesecake to die for.
Meeting friends, relaxing, having fun, a great meal and drinks to ease away the rough day. It was great. Mrs. Jones even got rowdy! I won't elaborate.
This was once again a great get-together that is our annual event. I sure hope it last a long time. Thanks Denise, Greg and Kim, and Mark amd Kim for a great night.

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