Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Executioners Meeting

Pentagram, MS> Yes, once again it is time for the dreaded Executive Committee Meeting of the Christmas Place Hunting Club. I like to call it the Executioners Meeting. We are getting together at midnight this Saturday at the camp to partake of the rituals and go over our rules for the new year.
The first thing is to pull the hidden lever and open up the secret passageway behind the fireplace that leads down to the Sanctorium and dungeon.
These dark catacombs are rarely used except for the Ten Point Club Meetings each year, the yearly deer blood rituals, executions, torture interrogations on guest that have seen big bucks and to keep people safe from a few of our more unsavory guest. We force them to stay there on occassion if they want to hunt. Like my hunting pal Nesferatu. He is a little strange, and is a Pro-Staff member from Othmar Inc.
You pass through the narrow passage until you reach the barred door, unlock it with the Deer Skeleton Key and pass through.
You enter and seat yourself at the candlelit table, drink the deer blood and then the High Executioner reaches over and slowly opens the Sacred chest and takes out the scrolls that contain the Rules of Death. These few pages govern all aspects of hunting for the camp members and their guest for each year. (they even have rules for the summertime).
Now is when a certain couple of evil lawyers have their way with the rest of us. The Executive Committee goes over the rules and talks about what worked, what did not and any changes that we need for improving the camp and hunting. The object is to wring out anything in the camp rules that would lead to fun and relaxation for anyone.

They try to make the rules so complicated that only they can understand the damn things. God knows you will really face the Executioner if you go astray and do something they don't agree with. "Off with their heads" the lawyers chant as they go over every comma and syllable in the rules. Anyway, wish me luck that I can stop their evil plans or at least postpone them for the immediate future.


Matt said...

Good luck. Looks like you're going to need it.

I think I read about a famous Delta deer camp that was actually called the Ten Point Hunting Club or something to that effect. Ever heard of it?

Editor said...

a few thousand times, there are several good books online about it.