Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday Flea Hunt

On Saturday, Marian made a big breakfast and we headed down to the big Flea Market on the main street above the river. It was festive and filled with people. Bob tried to buy a dog but we talked him out of it. Here is a pic of Denise with a cool OLE MISS lamp.
Here I am with some snazzy red glasses.
We stayed an hour or so, called Josh who was in the Vicksburg National Park and enjoying that, then headed down to the Corner Drug Store. It is filled with Civil War memorabillia and worth the trip to Vicksburg. the owner, Joe, is warm and friendly and always a joy to visit with. I could not find a Vicksburg coffee cup there, but we headed on down the street to a cool internet coffee house and hung out there for awhile. As we started to leave we decided to poke our heads into a little restaurant that looks out over the river, called the Biscuit Company. Lo and behold Josh was sitting at the bar. This led us into several fun events that we probably would not have taken otherwise.
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