Monday, April 26, 2010

Yazoo Tornado, Hershels's Fault?

Dad came in from hunting with no turkey (again). He has been hunting hard every weekend of turkey season and has not even come close to getting his bird. Needless to say he was tired, discouraged and disgusted.
He met Dorothy at the camp, sat down to have a drink and said "I am tired of this. Think I'll take up fishing. I wish there wasn't a turkey on the whole damn place. In fact, I wish they would all be blown to Alabama! They can have 'em."
At the famous Christmas Place, many strange things happen and you should be careful what you say. Sometimes if you make a wish here, you may get more than you want.
5 minutes late the sky had darkened, rain and sleet started to fall, the winds rose to a torrent and Dad, Ms Dorothy and now, Paul Jones rushed out into the yard, during a slight break, to see if a tornado was heading for them.
The tornado was boiling in the sky almost over them. The winds blew every direction and seemed to almost lift them off their feet. The tornado seemed to be just spinning above them and then they saw the most horrible thing of all. All across the property, you could see turkeys being sucked up into the whirlwind. Zip, Zip, Zip, they were pulled from branches, food plots, the woods and everywhere else and disappeared into the heart of the rolling wind. In a few minutes the tornado was gone and the turkeys too. I guess they are all in Alabama by now.
I do not mean to make light of the Yazoo City Tornado, it was horrible and we should keep everyone there in our hearts and prayers. Any monetary assistance you could give would be appreciated. they are a tough people and will rebuild, but right now they are hurting. Dad and the camp suffered no ill effects and the tornado missed them. Will give a report on any damage when I go down this weekend.
Everyone, thanks for asking about Dad and the camp, we appreciate your thinking of us and pray for the people of Yazoo County.


Antidepressant Medication Center said...

Prayers to the people who suffered from Yazoo Tornado.

And hope your dad catches his turkey soon.

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CDGardens said...

Hoping everything turns out okay at Deer Camp and prayers for everyone touched by tornadoes this weekend.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Glad to hear you all are fine.