Monday, April 19, 2010

Music On The River

We left Camo at camp and headed to Vicksburg. We arrived about 6, met up with our friends, Bob and Marian, then headed down to Washington st. and the music. The street was filled with people and food vendors were everywhere. We wandered back and forth enjoying the party atmosphere and listening to the music for an hour or so. They changed bands every hour. They played blue-grass, rock and roll, country and anything in-between.
We listened and enjoyed it but we needed to eat and we wandered into Duffy's where they were having boiled shrimp. It was well worth it. We could listen to the music, eat and enjoy talking about old times. It was also where we met a nice guy named Josh that changed how we enjoyed the rest of the weekend.
(this picture is intentionally blurry so Camo can not see that everyone else brought their dogs)

clockwise- Marian, Denise, Josh, Rex, Bob

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