Thursday, April 15, 2010

Escape to Vicksburg

Suddenly there is a whole lot of action surrounding me. tonight is the chamber of commerce banquet and the party at Snookies. I am sure I will be asked to speak at the party but all they want to hear about is that stupid deer, Thunderhoof. Hope he doesn't show up.
This weekend is the annual red and blue spring game at Ole Miss. The Mailrider will be there yelling and hollering for all of us. Hate I am going to miss it.
There is a TEA party in Oxford's Avent Park Saturday morning also. I would like to go, just to see it. Your roving reporter could get some stories out of that I am sure.
Paul and Dad are heading to camp, there are just two weekends left in Turkey Season, plus they caught another boat-load of crappie last weekend.
Denise and I heading down to see Bob and Marian for the Riverfest in Vicksburg. Drinking, eating, relaxing on the river. Now that sounds fun. And the girls!, you haven't seen anything 'tll you see a beautiful barefoot southern girl holding a catfish in one hand and a croaker sack full of crawfish in the other.
Will give a full report when I return.
PS- Camo is going to camp to hunt turkeys. Hope she survives.

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