Thursday, August 02, 2012

Carnival Time!

The City of Water Valley has had it's work crews out in force this week. They have been cutting grass, trimming, painting and beautifying the city for the Annual Watermelon Carnival that kicks off today. Tonight the talent contest and music and tomorrow the vendors will start arriving to set up. Tomorrow night is the big street dance. Watermelon sellers will circle the park and all kinds of other activities will be going on. Dad even brought his pontoon boat up here to try and sell. The weather which has been unbearably hot has cooled a little so maybe we can get through it without having a heart attack.
My friend Sandy talked me into ordering a couple hundred tubes of Watermelon Lip Balm that I will be giving away so come by to pick yours up.

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, I took one of the lip gloss tubes, and I love it!Fabulous idea! Wish you were here with us...xo, Denise