Monday, August 27, 2012

Camp Inept

It had to be the worst work camp at the famous Christmas Place that I have ever seen. Just so you know my evil brother organized it. (no, Paul). Of course, he called Friday and said that he was not going to show up until Saturday afternoon and he was only bringing Terry, instead of the 5 guys he promised. Saturday morning Burney and I started on the wood. Most was cut and ready to be split and we worked until noon and the damn wood splitter just blew up. No warning, no nothing. POW! It threw a rod and that was that. We messed with it a few minutes and looked up as Trent came down the road on the tractor. he was through for the day. Said he had to go to a party. We ate lunch, Trent was gone. Paul and Terry showed up then, loaded up his raggedey 4-wheelers and they took off for Yazoo City. they were gone.
 I got on the tractor, cranked it, looked up and Burney was gone. Headed to Jackson. I am the only one working. Pretty screwed up weekend.

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