Friday, August 17, 2012

Hauling Harrows

Dad has been frantic to find a mule pulled harrow to use at camp. He even put an ad in the North Mississippi Herald and finally located one over at Paris, MS. (You would be surprised but they don't have any big towers over there at all.) So in the midst of my juggling act he grabbed me and Sarah and off to Paris we went to get the harrow. We dragged it out of an old barn while dad supervised, figured out how to take it apart so it would fit in the truck, which only took an hour. Did I mention the temperature was 100 degrees.
I loaded the damn thing with a little help from Sarah who thinks she is a supervisor too. Got it in the truck and made the remark "We getting the mule too?" they all looked at me and I realized I Was The Mule.!

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